semi automatic blow molding machine JS-20II

Adopting double crank to adjust mould, heavy locking mould, stable and fast, Adopting infrared oven to heat the preform, the preform rotated and heated equally.

The air system has been divided into two parts: pneumatic action part and bottle blow part to meet the different requirements for the action and blow. It can provide sufficient and steady hign pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles.

Perfect function with economic investment.

Small size and compact construction with no space waste.

Easy to operate and maintain, operation by one person.

Saving power and uneasy to worn out.

Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. Providing high pressure blowing system.

We can provide preforms and various bottle&cap molds from 2L to 5 gallon bottles to meet customer's requirements.    Tel:+86-576-84285718   13867603038
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